• We can help you if you need a concept office design produced so that you can assess the area for space planning or resources planning purpose or you want to convey your concepts to a builder so they can provide you with a quote.

    Whether you’re in Sydney or in Derby or anywhere in-between, we can put a office layout plan together for you wherever you are located. If you are able to provide some information we require about the area you are interested in have the office designed then the floor plans can be produced economically and in a reduced the timeframe.

    Concept office floor plans from simple furniture layouts space planning for a couple of people through to office layouts for multiple floors accommodating hundreds of staff can be produced and at the level of detail you require.

    How much does it cost? Well this all depends on the size of the area to be designed along with the level of detail you need and whether you will want us to visit the site to gather the information we require or if you are content to be ‘our eyes’ on site.

    We’ll provide you with a quote to produce your concept plans based on the size of the office area and detail required on the plan.


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  • Office Design Online will design your office layout to suit your office needs and your concept office floor plans will be easy to read and easily convey your idea to builders. Along with conceptual designing for office space Office Design Online can produce office space plans were you need space planning to complete a space assessment of the office tenancy you are interested in, the space planning drawings will show you how you fit into your office designs layout. Office Design Online can produce an office design for a small office or even a large office designs, no matter what size your office floor plan we can create a concept office layout to suit your needs.

    With Office Design Online you can organise an office floor plan for new premises or for refurbishing and making alterations to your existing office plan all from the comfort of your desk using our office design online solution, simply email us your office layout requirements and any existing office documentation you have and we will provide you a no obligation quote to have your office design produced online.

    Office designs online means you can have your office design produced no matter where you are located, anywhere around Australia can now enjoy the freedom of having your concept office layout from the comfort of your own desk.